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Theta Session 3 Pack

3-1 hour sessions

  • 1 h
  • 243 US dollars
  • Virtual Session

Service Description

In a ThetaHealing session, the practitioner assists the client in identifying the restrictive program currently disrupting their life. This program is seen as the primary belief impacting the client's present situation. To effect real change, the practitioner and client work together to uncover the underlying program that led to this restrictive belief. The goal is to trace the issue back to its root cause, the original program responsible for these experiences. Once they identify this foundational belief, they explore how it has served the client positively. The practitioner then guides the client in replacing the old program with this new understanding, fostering a fresh, positive outlook on life. A half-hour ThetaHealing session is recommended only for clients who are experienced with ThetaHealing, as it may not provide enough time for a thorough session for newcomers. For those new to ThetaHealing, a one-hour session is highly recommended. This allows sufficient time for the practitioner to explain the process and work deeply with the client to achieve the best results.

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